It’s so easy – flour, water, eggs. It’s so good – broth with delicate cut pasta, spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, creamy carbonara, short pasta with cabbage and mushrooms.
Mmm … what would you like today? We make pasta!


“Life is a combination of pasta and magic”

Federico Fellini


The history begins with three friends …

In 1991 two brothers Edward and Zbigniew and their friend Witold established a small chain of 3 grocery stores under the name AS. A year later an idea emerged to establish a plant producing pasta that tastes like home, made by hand by our grannies. And that’s how the AS BABUNI name was invented.

In 1992, the first package of 4-egg cut pasta was manufactured. From the very beginning, we were adding fresh eggs to the dough, and after drying, the product was packed by hand. For almost 30 years, we’ve been developing our business by investing in new machinery for the production of not only pasta, but also pasta fodder for dogs, groats, and 10 years ago also sweet and salty snacks in the form of wafers and crispy waffles.


We systematically modernize and implement modern solutions that help us protect our environment. At the same time, we improve and automate our production processes, in order to increase our productivity, while simultaneously improving the work conditions for our employees. And, though modern technologies and fully automated production lines are nothing new to us, our cut pasta, being rolled 3-times, is being packed by hand from the beginning of the company up to this day, and we make the dough exclusively from fresh egg mass, and from high-quality wheat flour from local farmers. We respond to the needs of the market, and at the same time, for nearly 30 years, we are faithful to the craft, which we know very well.


We have been a member of the Polish Chamber of Pasta and the Lublin Employers Forum.

According to MEMBR, our company was classified at one of the ten best pasta manufacturers in Poland.

AS BABUNI products are sold in the whole country, and exported abroad (among others, to Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Russia). We have received the MARKA LUBELSKIE trademark, and numerous awards and honors, among others, for winning national consumer competitions: NAJLEPSZE w POLSCE 2007 and 2011, and JAKOŚĆ ROKU – PRODUKT ROKU 2010, 2012, 2015. By winning three times in the recent competition, we received in 2016 the highest award in this category: JAKOŚĆ ROKU – ZŁOTO. We are happy that the quality and aesthetics of our products have been appreciated by the most important jury – the consumers.

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